Eight Steps to buying your home

Buying a home is always an anxiety-ridden process, and that goes triple for anyone who’s embarking on homeownership for the very first time.

Deciding how much house you can afford

Lenders are careful, but they make qualification decisions based on averages and formulas. They won’t understand the nuances of your lifestyle and spending patterns quite as well as you do.

Creating your home wishlist

Before the home search begins, your real estate agent will want to know as much as possible about the features and amenities you desire.

Location, Location, Location

Where you buy not only affects the home’s current and future value, but it also affects your lifestyle.

How can a real estate agent help me?

Learn more about the seven main roles of your real estate agent.


Eight important questions to ask your agent.

Qualifications are important. However, finding a solid, professional agent means getting beyond the resume, and into what makes an agent effective

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